Types of Wedding Cake Designed

When you think of weddings, you can’t help but picture a perfect setting with happy faces, fancy dressing, perfect decor and DELICIOUS FOOD. My favourite part of it all has to be the wedding cake. After, “Oh, I wonder what the bride must look it?”, the next most likely question we ask ourselves is, “Oh, I wonder what the cake must taste like?” It must look good and sure as hell, taste even better!


What goes in deciding the best wedding cake for your special day?

First, choose the right flavour. Will it be the good old Fruit, Chocolate, Vanilla, Carrot? Or would you want to try the New, more “In” flavors like, Popcorn (I love popcorn, but this would be taking it a little too far in obsession), Coffee (have a long ceremony planned and you don’t want your guests feeling tired before the dancing starts? Just get them a slice or two of this cake) Ginger Spice (I don’t know who is making this famous) Nuts (don’t go that far in creativity, I was just suggesting almond and hazel :P). With so many pastry chefs and cake suppliers, you won’t fall short of options in choosing the right flavour. But to make your wedding cake stand out, it must fit in first. The idea is to complement the cake with the wedding theme and style.


So here are some of the best trending wedding cakes you can choose from for your special celebration:


An Ombre Occasion –


Ombre is named by the French and its literal definition is having tones of colour that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark. How beautiful would that look on a cake? That’s right, VERY! This would allow you to add colour to your cake and right about any colour would work. Ombre cakes have been in vogue over the past few years. With this cake on the table, you can be sure of your wedding pictures to look more tempting. Now that’s a trend you must follow for likes.




The Metallic Vibe –


For the love of classic, traditional cakes will never go out of style but what a classic bride won’t be able to resist are these metallic wedding cakes. You can get this made with a twist of glam in Vintage Style, Old Hollywood, Glittering Gold, Shining Silver or Charming Copper. Best part, this cake, would go with pretty much any theme. Imagine the old world charm! Like I said, you won’t be able to resist.


A Piece of Art –


Don’t let the idea of a perfect wedding stop you from bringing out a little whimsy in You. There is nothing more exciting than having a custom painted wedding cakeandmore on the food table. What I would give to be a part of this setting! Take a hint from custom design decor and invites, it could be Geometric Style, Quotes and Quiz, Pretty Patterns, Secret Garden, Something Blue, Birds, Flowers or Leaves. Sounds like art, I won’t mind a piece of… or two.




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