Most Instagram-worthy Desserts That You Must Try

There is not denying or defying how manic most of us are about our Insta uploads. This mania doesn’t stay limited to uploads about our parties, celebrations, festivals and travels but is now extended to sharing fights, breakups, depression, and irregular bowel movements. In the middle of this, we have humans who share their food stories.


Now for the longest time, I had a problem with people bringing their phones on the table and making the rest of us wait until that Instacrazy friend has finished taking all possible pictures for his/her next upload. Not to mention the amount of editing that will go behind, to make that dish look out like the kind of food people eat only when they are on a overly expensive vacation. This said, I have come to terms with these Instacrazies of the world, for they love doing what they do. Besides, who I am to judge what makes them happy? And if it weren’t for them, we won’t have had ideas on what we were going to eat the next time we find ourselves in that ‘Cool Resto’. Cakesandmore


When it comes to food stories, dessert stories are my favorite online and offline (of course). Not too long ago, I found myself scrolling through some of the must try desserts and trust me when I say, they look like I would want to Instagram every bit of these sweets. So here you have it, different desserts you must try before you die and while you are at it, instagram the hell outta those yummies.


  • Nutella Buns Hons –


Some treats are made to make your troubles go away. This breakfast dish is an update from the classic cinnamon bun, which is very average to my liking. But not this bun, this bun is loaded with the best Italian creation – Nutella! They are crusty on the outside with rich hazelnut and cinnamon flavour. Make sure you break the bun from the center before taking that Instashot. Cakesandmore


  1. Semolina Coconut Cake with Orange and Rose Waters

This fusion cake has a lot of varieties and is one of the most well known cakes in parts of Africa and Middle East. It is baked with condensed milk and coconut and soaked in with rose, lemon and orange syrup to add the right flavours. The candied rose petal garnish on this special bake is what adds the extra Insta-worthy touch to this cake. I read the recipe to this cake just so I can bake this at home and surprise my friends with a homemade desserts this unique, over one of our weekend banters. I will be sure to share some of those memories on Instagram :p And I know, you would too.


  1. Rainbow Ice Cream Loti
    These open sandwich ice cream is one of Singapore’s favorite street snack. They come in variety of flavours and colors making this dessert stand out not just on the streets but also in your pictures before you take that bite. The recipe to this rainbow delight first came to light in 2011’s special Sandwich Issue in an article called Special Treats. And it has grabbed attention for sweet lovers across the world.

    1. Waffles Overloaded With Ice Cream and Chocolate

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